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SSP Member Card

Secure. System. Payment

Secure System of Payment

Member Card

About SSP Member Card

This is a prepaid card that can only be used in a specific shop or specific group of shops.


  • Can be exchanged when empty or nearly empty, When nearly empty, the client can ask the merchant to exchange his card with another one even with a different nominal value and to add to the card what remained on the first card.
  • The client is buying only one time a card that can be freely exchanged by the merchant with another card of same or different nominal value following the amount the client is paying, If the client is losing his card or damaging it, the has to buy a new one.
  • This card can be used as participating to a LOYALTY PROGRAM.


Can not be exchanged neither refilled, Will have the value that the client is paying for to the merchant, The little money that is left on the card is lost for the client if he does not use it.

ssp member card
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