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Secure. System. Payment

Secure System of Payment

Cash on Delivery


  • SSP-COD is a product of PT SYDECO which is intended for professional of e-commerce and of home delivery.
  • SSP is a secure system of payment without card from any mobile support and of bank account management.
  • SSP-COD is the system that allows the benefits of SSP when the payment is made out side the company.
  • SSP-COD meets both the interests of the professional who wishes to be paid for the product and for its transport than the buyer who wants to pay only what he ordered.


  • With SSP-COD, the expected payment of the professional is guaranteed and the buyer is guaranteed not to pay unnecessarily.
  • On the side of the buyer, the amount pay able is blocked in his account at the time of purchase. It will be transferred to the account of the seller / carrier at the time of delivery.
  • From the professional side, the amount that is transferred at the time of the delivery, will remain blocked 24hours, the time that the buyer can check the content of what he received. With out complaint with in this period, the amount transferred is immediately released.