SSP© (Secure System of Payment), a NEW SYSTEM OF PAYMENT made from a mobile device AND MANAGEMENT OF BANK ACCOUNT is an innovation in the back-end infrastructure of payment and Financial inclusion for small actors.

This is a CONTACTLESS and CARDLESS system of payment that allows all financial transactions B2B, B2C, C2C, from any support, connected or not connected.

It is SIMPLE, TOTALLY SECURE and the LESS EXPENSIVE way of payment.

Characteristic of SSP

The SSP system covers both the electronic payment from a mobile device and the management of the wallet.

The management system complies with the laws on money laundering and follows the recommendations of the European Commision and those of the FATF.

Its THREE great features are the absolute Security of the system, the cost of use which is out of competition and the specific Benefits offer to those who are using, BANK, VENDOR or CUSTOMERS.

Absolute Security

System security is complete because it covers the use of a Smartphone, the data transmission and the server responsible for managing the system.


Because :

  • There are no sensitive data in the application.

  • There are no sensitive data in the Smartphone.

  • There is no trace of sensitive data (authentication, validation, question, and secret answer), in the memory of Smartphone because they are only used as mere mirrors.

The Data Transmission

Because :

  • There is no transfer of sensitive data so there is no handling of sensitive data.

  • There is no stakeholder so no unnecessary vulnerability.

  • Two encryption systems are used for communication between the server and the Smartphone.

  • All data are sent via our asymetric system that prevents physhing (system protected by patent and copyright).

  • There is no direct contact client / bank and vice-verca so no possibility for a malicius person to appropriate the money in the wallet, even if the attack it coming form outside or from inside the bank.

The Servers

Because :

  • The servers are super protected and hosted in a highly secure location.

  • The primary servers is completely isolated from the internet access.

  • There is no possibility for an attack coming from inside the bank to action on the SSP system.

  • CONFIDENTIALITY, INTEGRITY, AVAILABILITY of the data are guaranteed.

SSP© is a totally new concept in the system of payment, contactless, using Smartphone without any bank or credit card (without any scheme) and absolutely secure as there is no…


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Bank Account

  • BCA Giro : 456 515 3111 a/n SSP (PT Sydeco)
  • Danamon : 3593 9666 11 a/n SSP (PT Sydeco)
  • Mandiri : 137 00 223355 70 a/n SSP (PT Sydeco)
  • BNI : 500 1212022 a/n SSP (PT Sydeco)
  • BRI : 041 001 000 290 a/n SSP (PT Sydeco)
  • UOB : 323 300 4004 a/n SSP (PT Sydeco)


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